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PumaMax 95 Premium Unleaded

We understand you want high quality fuel at a competitive price, that is why we offer our own specially-formulated, patented range of high-octane premium fuel – PumaMax 95. This premium unleaded fuel contains performance-enhancing additives that maximise engine performance and fuel economy. PumaMax supports all petrol engines but are particularly effective for high- performance vehicles.

Puma Gas

We make firing up your gas braai, stove, or your heater that much easier. Drop off your empty gas bottle and pick up a full replacement cylinder on your way home. 

Our Puma Gas refills are available in two sizes:

  • 9kg gas cylinder (lasts three to six months)
  • 19kg gas cylinder (lasts eight months to a year)

If you would like a gas refill reminder, feel free to add your details to the contact form below. Thanks to our Puma Gas reminder system, remembering to refill your gas bottle before your next braai or Sunday family lunch just got easier.

Call 012 664 7633 or email for our latest gas pricing. 

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PumaMax 95

  • Delivers enhanced engine performance
  • Is the minimum requirement for imported vehicles
  • Provides a smoother ride for your petrol engine
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases engine knocking

Give your car the best, choose #PumaMax! 

Puma Protect Hand Sanitiser

Our first anti-bacterial hand sanitiser available in a 750ml spray bottle and a 100ml squeezable gel. Both sold at the Puma OK Express Centurion store.

Read more about the launch of this new product range here

Puma Lubricants

We are passionate about lubricants and understand your on-the-go lifestyle. That is why our engine oil is designed to be a fuel saver and is fully recyclable. You can even expect to do fewer oil changes with Puma Lubricants. Find out what motor oil your car needs using our Oil Finder here

All our lubricants exceed industry specs and we even have a special certificate from Porsche. You may not have a supercar yet, but all drivers can be assured that Puma Lubricants gives your car superior quality so you can reach your destination. 

Change with the times and move towards #InspiringChange!