Energising Communities

We believe in truly energising the communities in which we operate by making a real difference and transforming lives. For us, it is personal, because it is about people working with people to create opportunities and change possibilities. We want to see our communities and customers flourish by offering solutions that are greatly needed. 

Whether it be as small as your fuel attendant waving you in towards the petrol pump with an energetic smile or grabbing a lekker cup of coffee on the way to work - we are here to deliver change for the better together. 

Sometimes this means doing remarkable deeds like feeding the Centurion Homeless or donating fuel and food parcels to the #FeedingSATogether initiative during Covid-19. Perhaps it is simply doing the little things that matter to our customers, and doing them well, time after time. 

What makes us special is that which defines us – the diversity and expertise of our local people, but above all, our vibrant, energising spirit, working to make a positive difference in your lives. You can count on us to energise the Centurion community!

Read more about our #EnergisingCommunities projects across the globe by visiting the Puma Energy website here.